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About us

Misto Chocolate is a premium collection of artistically-designed chocolate that satisfies every sensation, beginning with the way it looks to how it tastes. The company is the brainchild of the talented brothers and chocolate designers, Anas & Mohammad Misto, who found their passion in finding the synergy and the fine harmony between expressive art and the balanced taste of premium chocolate.

Mohammad Misto & Anas Misto 

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With Misto Chocolate, you will not only feel the taste of high-end artistic chocolate, but you will also live and experience the results of the fine and sophisticated art when it meets the well-researched and selected flavours mix. We carefully source our healthy ingredients from the finest chocolate suppliers in Switzerland and Belgium, which makes our chocolate of high quality and great taste. We follow strict quality measures in our production and we put lots of love and care in our chocolate, beginning with the way it looks to how it tastes, so you can enjoy the perfect sensation.

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I made a big order for one of the VIP events in our organization, and the preparations, customer service, timing, and tiny details I noticed were really amazing.

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Serine - Event coordinator
Event coordinator

I traveled a lot and tasted almost all types of chocolate from different countries and chocolate makers I never taste better chocolate like this.

Mo Ali - Traveller

Along my journey in food blogging, I was happy with how the Misto Chocolate team managed to merge the beautiful look and the fine taste in one chocolate place.

Lisa - Food blogger
Food blogger
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We are ready to join you making your conference tastier and artistic with our chocolate jewles.

Chocolate is an important part of the any celebration, how if it was with an artistic and customized touch.

You need just one click to send your beloved one a custom gift, our gifting experts are ready to help on that.